IMO4U Lawn Mowing



Lawn mowing and garden care takes pride in providing you with the best lawn maintenance possible.

To provide you with the best lawn maintenance service Lawn mowing and garden care has a wide range of equipment and tools to do this.


lawn mower


Regular mowing not only keeps your grass and yard looking well kept, it’s also good for your lawn’s health. In the warmer months keeping the blade height to 50mm will help your lawn survive the Aussie scorching sun.

Ride on mower







When it comes to the larger lawn maintenance jobs we enlist the help of our ride on mower. Great for large areas and acreage allowing for a faster and more even grass cut.



Whipper snipper




A whipper snipper is usually the first tool a lawn maintenance person will get from their toolbox. Why, you ask? Trimming the edges around the yard first before mowing sets your mowing boundary and reduces the risk of double handling – as the mower will pick up all the trimmed grass!





The Garden Edger is designed to trim lawn along a hard surface like a driveway or path giving it a nice clean tidy edge. This is possibly not necessary for every lawn mow, but is a good job to have on your lawn maintenance list.





Hedge Trimmer





Hedge Trimming tools make hedging so much easier. Trimming only a little greenery can shape up your hedge nicely and still give you green coverage. Trimming too much of the leaves off will result in exposed brown branches and unsightly holes in your hedge. .





Blowers efficiently clear away leaves and grass clippings, leaving a neat finish to any lawn maintenance job. Blowers are now used instead of brooms, saving time and reducing the risk of missing small debris on the ground.